EuroForth 2021

Invitation section

Please note the COVID 19 / Coronavirus information below

Online, 10.-12. September 2021

The 37th EuroForth conference takes place in the Internet.

Please see the official call for papers for instructions on how to submit papers.

The Internet

The Internet / CC BY-SA 2.0 Gerald Wodni (In case you do not get the reference: IT Crowd snippet)

The conference will be preceded by the Forth standards meeting which starts on September, 8th.

Both, meeting and conference will be hosted in the Internet.


Please Note: Times are subject to change, we are working on the online schedule. We are trying to incorporate as much of your suggestions as possible.

Hardware requirements

The following hardware is required:

You cannot attend the conference with a built-in microphone. If you cannot get a headset and cause interference, you will be muted and will be limited to replying by text.

The following hardware is strongly recommended:

If there is a wall behind your monitor consider bouncing light of it with a lamp, so we can see your lovely face. Alternatively shine light onto you from an angle.

Software requirements

TL;DR: get Firefox, sign up at the link you will be getting via registration email (opens 19th August 2021).

The following software is required:

The following software is strongly recommended as a fallback option:

Like last year we will be using the web-based chat-application Mattermost at - no installation required, hosted by Forth Committee Members to help privacy concerns. You will receive a signup link in via email after you registered on this site. All communication is within this chat-application, we ask you to sign in within the Get together timeframe.

For the video conferences themselfes we will be using BigBlueButton hosted by Gerald Wodni, as was dropping some connections from the US. Links to the conference rooms will be provided in chat-application Mattermost.

If this should fail we will fall back to Zoom. Consider installing their client beforehand.

Please visit our testing call which will be announced in chat, especially if you had issues last year.

Forth standard meeting (draft agenda - in the making)

Times are converted to your local timezone indicated by a blue background, if you have javascript enabled (no, this cannot be done server-side).
Otherwise UTC(+0) will be displayed and you have to calculate the offset yourself.

Tuesday, 7th September UTC(+0)

Wednesday, 8th September UTC(+0)

Thursday, 9th September UTC(+0)

EuroForth conference

on air ... these session are streamed live on twitch, recorded and shared on youtube for future generations to enjoy and to rewatch

Friday, 10th September UTC(+0)

Saturday, 11th September UTC(+0)

Sunday, 12th September UTC(+0)

COVID 19 / Coronavirus

We tried hard to make a physical conference work, it did not. If you want some details:


Like last year, this Online-EuroForth is provided free of charge.

If you want to contribute to to infrastructure costs of , , and more your contribution is welcome. All prices are including Austrian VAT(20%). You will receive an invoice after EuroForth if you transferred the money.

Please note that we cannot issue an invoice with reverse charge or no VAT for the Supporter Ticket.